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Marco ice cream celebrates bold and nuanced flavors from around the world, transporting them from plate to pint. Delivered to your door.

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Aztec Chocolate

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Deep, rich chocolate enlivened with cinnamon and chilies.

Marco's quests took him to Amsterdam in search of rich, dark cocoa. But what he found tasted familiar. So he left. Months later, he found himself in the street markets of Oaxaca, where the scent of ancho and arbol peppers were enough to make the eyes water. Inspiration struck him: Pairing creamy chocolate with a touch of spice could result in the perfect balance of flavor. And here we are.

Aztec Chocolate

Ginger Dreamsicle

Spicy PB Caramel

Thai Coco-Lime

Vanilla Chai

Meet Marco – Your Partner in Flavor

Marco knows that life is best lived outside the comforts of the familiar. How it’s not found waiting in the usual lines, or presented on billboards. It’s hidden in plain sight. You just have to know how to look for it. He’s your guide to the mysterious revelries, unexpected delights, and culinary curiosities you’ve always sought out, but never knew how to find.

With his finger on the pulse, he brings a welcome escape for your senses. An antidote to the everyday. An experience that is anything but ordinary. Follow him and adventure will surely await.

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"The cultural ice cream range by Marco Sweets & Spices is sure to capture attention."

- Trend Hunter

"These ice creams are transporting."

- The New York Times

"The quality of ingredients and unique flavors make these pints my go-to sweet treat for the summer.”

- Gear Patrol

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